Here we SNOW again

cow in snow -

More snow is predicted for tomorrow {sigh}.  

Fortunately, the cattle don’t even bat an eye at the snow and colder temperatures.  They constantly turn down the opportunity to be in the barn and choose, instead, to bed down by the round bale feeder.

The donkeys tell you what they want:  outside when there is sunshine and inside during the snow, sleet and wind.  And if you don’t satisfy their demands quick enough, they really develop an attitude!

The snow is too deep for the goats to be outside.  So they have spent the past several weeks tucked away in their pen in the barn, contently munching away on leftover Christmas trees donated by the neighbors.

And this morning, during the weather forecast, we the people of the frozen Tundra Northeast, learned a particular bit of information that we really didn’t need to hear (because all you have to do is step outside):

At the moment, our area is…

miniature donkeys -

colder than Alaska…

fainting goat -


fainting goat -

and C.O.L.D.E.R. than ANTARCTICA !  Yay for us… we’re officially penguins.

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