get your shit together -

Can’t get my sh*t together

Lately, I’ve lost my shit.  And it seems to be ALL over.  And try as I might, I can’t get my shit together. Just when I have most of it scooped up and in a bucket and I think I’m on the verge of getting my shit together… the bucket springs a leak, and then…

high wind advisory -

BRAmageddon Part III – Busty and Gusty

The morning started out with a slight breeze.  The flag at the barn danced gracefully in the wind.  The hay in the field gently swayed.  A few leaves tumbled from the oak trees.  Even the cows were blissfully unaware of the bad weather on the horizon. Lately, our local weatherman has consistently missed the mark…

stinging nettles -

Nobody wants a bee-hind full of nettles 

Over the years, the old-timer-up-the-road has given me a lots of advice… albeit, mostly ridiculous advice, but advice nonetheless. “Never get involved with the mafia,” he whispered to me one day in the barn, peeking over the back of a cow.  “Whaaaaat?” I replied incredulously, as my eyes rolled around a little.  “Hush, girly,” was…

frog -

What the h*ll, frog?!?

This is a frog… clinging to the glass of the storm door… about eight feet off the ground.  Against the odds, he survived two curious Australian Shepherds, the constant opening and closing of the door and several red-tailed hawks.  He hung around all day and into the night, slowly making his way up higher and…

snowstorm -


Branches on the evergreens, are dressed in snowy white, as soft the moonlight sparkles, on this blanket of the night. Delicate, untouched and pure, is found the ground below, as gentle moonbeams glimmer, on the freshly fallen snow. -Pamela Joyce Randolph  

ice storm -


The first winter weather of the season arrived as an ice storm today. Schools closed.  Power lines came down.  Roads iced over.  And the old timer up the road slid his truck into a ditch. Despite the inconveniences caused by the storm, I cannot help but see the beauty of the ice.  

burned bagel -

Burned bagels and other nonsense

I should have went right back to bed this morning after I fumbled my toothbrush, sending it ricocheting off the sink and into the toilet. Instead, I stumbled through one debacle after another.  After I fished out my toothbrush, I incinerated a bagel in the toaster because I was trying to kill a bee that…

hereford calf -

Full moon baby boom

Most doctors will say that there is no connection between a full moon and the onset of labor.  Talk to a farmer, and they will most likely disagree.  The old timer up the road is a firm believer – he says that if the moon can effect the tides of the ocean, then it can…

shallots -

Planting shallots

Shallots can be planted in the spring or fall.  They require a dormant period of about 4 weeks right after planting with temperatures between 32 – 50 degrees. The the cool ground helps the formation of good bulbs. Fall planting should be done 4-6 weeks before the first freeze of the season.  Fall planting yields…

maple syrup -

The sap is running

In my neck of the woods, February thru April is maple syrup time.  During these months, the sap will start to flow only with the perfect mix of temperatures.  Somewhere between the icy grip of winter and the warm breezes of early spring. A hundred years ago, the woods would be dotted with wooden or…