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Soul shine

When you can’t find the light
That got you through the cloudy days
When the stars ain’t shinin’ bright
You feel like you’ve lost you’re way
When the candlelight of home
Burns so very far away
Well, you got to let your soul shine

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Dear Diary

Dear Diary: Quarantine Day 347.  I think it’s Friday.  Or maybe it’s Saturday… could be Tuesday. Just finished my 8,952nd load of laundry.  Cloroxed all the groceries. I think I’ll go build a castle out of toilet paper rolls.  

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Psst… I haven’t worn real clothes in weeks

I was never one for fashion.  My wardrobe consists of “good” jeans and t-shirts and “chore” jeans and t-shirts.  Now, weeks into the quarantine, my everyday fashion routine has devolved into changing from my “nighttime” pajamas to my “daytime” pajamas and vice versa.

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Hope floats

Many nights, I have been jolted awake by overwhelming anxiety. My brain is so muddled by daily news briefings, charts, graphs, dire predictions, and terrible news, that I find myself paralyzed by the unknown.

black legged tick

Lyme disease… the silent assassin

We’ve all heard it… Lyme Disease is the fastest growing vector disease in the United States. Most of you either know someone who has contracted it or may suffer from it yourself. It is a disease that does not discriminate. It is resilient. It is stealthy. It is mysterious. It is devastating.

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Welcome to the “50’s Club”

Unlike many of my friends, I have never fretted over becoming a year older.  I seamlessly transitioned from one year to the next without a bump in the birthday road.  I aspired to the thought that age is just a number and nothing more, and so, my 50th birthday came and went without much vexation.…