In the garden

There are several old standbys that I plant in my garden every year.  One of my favorites is the Sugar Snap Pea – it’s a great producer throughout the entire gardening season.

sugar snap pea -

Sugar Snap Pea Blossom

The Sugar Snap Pea is easy to grow and produces sweet, tender pods that are great to eat right out of the garden.  I plant my peas on a simple trellis made with wooden stakes and chicken wire.

pea trellis -

Pea Trellis

In the bean department, my go-to bean is always the Blue Lake Bush Bean, which produces long, tender, crunchy beans that are great for making Dilly Beans.  This year, I also planted the Contender Valentine Bush Bean, which produces earlier than the Blue Lake.  Both varieties are bush beans, which need no trellising.

contender valentine bean -

Contender Valentine Bean Blossom

Boston Picking cucumbers are my favorite cucumbers – they’re great right out of the garden, but even better for pickling.  They hold up to the pickling process and make crispy, crunchy pickles.  This year I also planted Delikatesse cucumbers, which is a rare variety from Germany.  These are actually producing better then the Boston Pickling and may take the coveted spot of favorite cucumber.

delikatesse cucumber blossom -

Delikatesse Cucumber Blossom

I plant approximately 35-40 cucumber plants, so I also trellis the cucumbers.  Trellising takes up much less room in the garden and keeps the cucumbers off the ground, giving the fruit a more uniform color.

cucumber trellis -

Trellised cucumbers (bush beans in foreground)

I trellis the cucumbers just like I do the peas, with wooden stakes and chicken wire.  I start my cucumbers indoors several weeks ahead and transplant them to the trellis.  As they grow, they naturally start to climb.  Some vines will go astray, so I gently weave a few of the leaves through the holes in the chicken wire, and in a few days, they’re trained as well.

I purchase all my seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds which are all non-hybrid, non-GMO, non-treated and non-patented.  They have over 1,600 varieties and a great selection of hard-to-find heirloom seeds.

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