three little pigs -

Happy Days at the barn

Fonzi does not like to share the feed.  He waits until Pinky Tuscadero and Richie Cunningham go get a drink of water, and then… He climbs in the feed trough… Becomes belligerent… And lays down on top of the feed.  Aaaaay!

australian shepherds -

And… my socks keep falling down!

Ugh.  It’s been one of those days. I awoke at 4am to an overpowering smell of skunk.  “NO, no, no, no, nah no!” my brain was screaming. “Too late,” my nose was saying. Now, if you’ve never smelled skunk close up, than you’re lucky.  It smells nothing like the skunk smell you are used to when…

wheelbarrow -

Go greased lightning!

Pigs.  They are deceiving.  They look like a 1971 Ford Pinto, have the speed of a cheetah and are harder to hang onto than a bull at a rodeo. It was time to muck out the pig stall, which means I have to get the big wheelbarrow in the pen without losing a pig.  My…

pile of pigs -

Ain’t no sh*t like pig sh*t

I’ve shoveled a ton of sh*t in my days – cow, dog, goat, donkey, and even some from a septic tank (I’m referring to the cell phone incident of 2013, but that’s a story for another day). Pig sh*t is hardcore – it’s not for the faint of heart.  And since it was my idea to…

piglets -


The piglets are growing by leaps and bounds.  Today, they discovered they like grapes and kale.  It took a few tries with the grapes – they weren’t exactly sure what to do with them!  Once I squished them, though, they quickly ate them up.  Sweet potatoes are next on the menu. After a good meal……