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Dear Diary

Dear Diary: Quarantine Day 347.  I think it’s Friday.  Or maybe it’s Saturday… could be Tuesday. Just finished my 8,952nd load of laundry.  Cloroxed all the groceries. I think I’ll go build a castle out of toilet paper rolls.  

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Psst… I haven’t worn real clothes in weeks

I was never one for fashion.  My wardrobe consists of “good” jeans and t-shirts and “chore” jeans and t-shirts.  Now, weeks into the quarantine, my everyday fashion routine has devolved into changing from my “nighttime” pajamas to my “daytime” pajamas and vice versa.

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Hope floats

Many nights, I have been jolted awake by overwhelming anxiety. My brain is so muddled by daily news briefings, charts, graphs, dire predictions, and terrible news, that I find myself paralyzed by the unknown.