ground hog day -

Phil, you’re an a**hole

After weeks and weeks of subzero temperatures, ice, sleet and howling snowstorms, we all had our fingers crossed that Mr. Punxsutawney Phil would give us hope with his annual prognostication. Instead, that nefarious rodent dashed all our early spring dreams and handed down a sentence of another six weeks of winter.  And to ensure his…

daffodils in snow -

Waiting… for the thaw

“Everywhere in nature we are taught the lessons of patience and waiting. We want things a long time before we get them, and the fact that we want them a long time makes them all the more precious when they come.”

blizzard of 2017 -

SNOWmageddon and the last loaf of bread

STELLAAAA! STELLLLLAAAAAAA!! The afternoon before the storm, the local forecast had people whipped into a frenzy. Schools closed, businesses shut down and the governor declared a state of emergency in anticipation of Stella. All this sent hoards of preppers to the grocery store for the customary storm supplies: milk and bread.  I, however, thought that…

snowy road -

I’m gonna ring that groundhog’s neck

We’ve had a relatively mild winter here in my neck of the woods.  That was until that pompous groundhog just HAD to put his two cents in and muck up the weather pattern.  No sooner did he see his shadow last Thursday, then the snow started to fall, finally culminating today with another 12 inches.…

snowstorm -


Branches on the evergreens, are dressed in snowy white, as soft the moonlight sparkles, on this blanket of the night. Delicate, untouched and pure, is found the ground below, as gentle moonbeams glimmer, on the freshly fallen snow. -Pamela Joyce Randolph  

little christmas tree -

The little Christmas tree

Around the middle of December, in a snow covered field along a quiet country road, appears a little Christmas tree decorated with a tin foil star and a lone red ornament.  At sunset, a solar battery powers a single stand of white Christmas lights.  Nobody seems to know the mysterious tree owner and most people…

white church in winter -

WPC: The little white church

The little white church in my small town has just a handful of members now.  It has, however, miraculously managed to keep its doors open.  Many of the small churches around here have long been shuttered.  A few have been lucky enough to find a second life as office space or storage. It’s sad when…

onion snow -

Legend of the onion snow

In the dark ages (before the internet), the old timers would use nature’s calendar to know when to plant and harvest. Since they had no such luxury as a seven day forecast, they took cues from their surroundings to predict the weather.  If the cows laid down in the field during the day, it meant…

frozen waterfall -

WPC: Seasons (the thaw)

Mother Nature is in the midst of a serious seasonal identity crisis in my part of the woods.  In the matter of five days, we have experienced a 50+ degree temperature swing, going from -15 degrees below zero, to a balmy 57 degrees and back down to 28 degrees.  The waterfalls on the farm don’t know…

christmas barn -

Weekly Photo Challenge: Door

  Usually around this time of year, I start playing Christmas music and get a hankering to put up the Christmas tree.  That’s why I thought this picture was fitting for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge. Jingle bells, jingle bells.  Now where’s the eggnog?

Spring refuses to arrive

Yesterday was officially the first day of spring.  Instead of being heralded with the arrival of geese and a crocuses poking through the thawing snow, we patiently sat through another winter snow storm. Having contracted an EXTREME case of cabin fever, I felt the only cure to my ailment was to lace up my winter…

The bluebirds are back

What a sight for sore eyes!  Over the past few days, the bluebirds have been arriving and taking up residence in the many bluebird houses we have on the farm.  Even yesterday’s snow storm didn’t deter them.  Spring may be just around the corner… let’s keep our fingers crossed!  

Sunbathing cows and a taste of spring

Mother Nature gave us a little reprieve yesterday.  The days was filled with blue skies, above-freezing temperatures and plentiful sunshine. The girls enjoyed it immensely, munching hay and soaking up the sun. Some of them were so content, you could almost get close enough to hop on their backs, before they opened their eyes to…

Enough smart a*s predictions, Phil!

Groundhogs are usually cute.  However, this winter, I have taken a particular dislike to the one they call the “seer of seers, the prognosticator of prognoticators” –  Mr. Punxsutawney Phil. As we sit here and await the arrival of the fourth winter storm in two weeks, I have decided that Phil needs to apologize.  He…

Sudden snowstorm

A sudden snowstorm with whiteout conditions came through this afternoon and quickly blanketed everything with a few inches of snow – even the cows.  They were not the least bit phased – most of them laid contently in the pasture, chewing their cud as the snow came down.