About Me

I live a simple life and wouldn’t trade it for the world

♥ I live on a farm with my husband and kids

♥ I have been known to use all the swear words in a single sentence

♥ I hate tomatoes

♥ I’ve never taken a “selfie”

♥ I love to bake

♥ I play Christmas music all year

♥ I have two different colored eyes

♥ My favorite band is Lynryd Skynyrd

♥ I live by the motto “out of sight, out of mind”

♥ I am a procrastinator extraordinaire

♥ I am an extreme grudge holder

♥ I love to can fruits and veggies

♥ I hate doing laundry

♥ I LOVE shoes

♥ I believe in Santa

♥ I am a gun owner

♥ I am unorganized but can still tell you where everything is

♥ I love to stay up late

♥ I am miserable in the morning

♥ I am afraid of bees

♥ My favorite singer is John Denver

♥ I can drive a tractor

♥ I am allergic to hay

♥ I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up

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