Sunbathing cows and a taste of spring

sunbathing cows -

Mother Nature gave us a little reprieve yesterday.  The days was filled with blue skies, above-freezing temperatures and plentiful sunshine.

sunbathing cows -

The girls enjoyed it immensely, munching hay and soaking up the sun.

sunbathing cows -

Some of them were so content, you could almost get close enough to hop on their backs, before they opened their eyes to peek at you.

sunbathing cows -

They laid in the snow for hours, snoozing and chewing their cud.

sunbathing cows -

This girl was so relaxed, the tractor drove right by her and she didn’t even open her eyes.

giant icicle -

Even the giant icicles started to melt.

chore boots -

It was so beautiful that the dog and I took a little snooze on the bench at the barn, lulled to sleep by the pitter-patter of dripping icicles.  But Mother Nature is a fickle, fickle woman, because by 8am this morning…

american flag -

Snow blew in with biting winds and temperatures hovering around 7 degrees and a wind chill for tonight of 20 to 35 degrees BELOW zero.  Oh, what fun…  (if I ever get my hands on that darn groundhog, he’s gonna pay)



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