The icy grip of Mother Nature

winter window -

Nor’easter #3 brought frigid temperatures and high winds, but thankfully, only about eight inches of snow this time.  Schools once again closed and the plows spent most of the day running back and forth along the roads clearing the snow drifts.  Since it’s no use trying to fight Mother Nature, I decided to embrace the majesty of the new fallen snow (in other words, I’ve had it with this freaking snow and ice sh*t and am slowly going out of my mind with cabin fever, and my back and shoulders are tied up in knots from constantly shoveling this crap while freezing my a*s off and wishing I lived on a tropical island).

By the way…. Nor’easter #4 is due on Tuesday – the first day of SPRING!  Oh… the irony.  Where’s my snow shovel?

winter storm -

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