Another Nor’easter

snow covered road - barn in winter - weathervane - winter pinecones - field in winter - winter crabapple - australian shepherd - snow covered evergreen tree - fence in winter - foggy woods - hereford in snow - snowy maple tree -

In my neck of the woods, snowstorms are a common occurrence.  Six inches of snow is just a dusting.  Twelve inches of snow is a nuisance.  Eighteen inches of snow is a slight inconvenience.  Even a Nor’easter that dumps twenty inches of snow and knocks out the power for a few days is taken in stride.  However, when TWO Nor’easters hit within a few days of each other, it can try the patience of even the most seasoned snow warrior.  Now, the top news story is a THIRD nor’easter is on the horizon.  Fingers crossed, it will miss our little town.  Otherwise, I’ll be shoveling snow until June.

5 thoughts on “Another Nor’easter

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  2. Oh my – there are SO many wonderful captures here it almost makes it worth tolerating 3 nor’easters!! If i were forced to choose I’d go for the cow or the branches with berries but honestly they are all just great. Good luck on the 3rd storm, maybe it will pass you by!

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