Full moon baby boom

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Most doctors will say that there is no connection between a full moon and the onset of labor.  Talk to a farmer, and they will most likely disagree.  The old timer up the road is a firm believer – he says that if the moon can effect the tides of the ocean, then it can surely cause a baby boom in cattle.  I tend to agree with the grumpy old man on this one.

hereford calf - TheFarmersInTheDell.com

Most of the girls on the farm started showing signs of labor right around the time that June’s moon was almost at its peak.  Their udders became full and heavy, they started to pace and look generally uncomfortable and they began separating themselves from the younger bulls and heifers.

hereford and calf - TheFarmersInTheDell.com

Our first calf of the season was born that full moon night, which triggered a bovine baby boom on the farm. By the time the moon started to wane a few nights later, all but one of the calves, had arrived.

hereford calf - TheFarmersInTheDell.com

Not long after being born, the calves are up on their feet and nursing.  In a few hours, they’ve lost their newborn wobbliness and are running around trying to figure out their new legs.  By the next day, they are so sure-footed that they are nearly impossible to catch, which makes for an all-out rodeo when it comes time to identify them with ear tags.

Who would have thought that a full moon could have so much power – werewolves, madness, vampires and… calves.

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