Common sense is not so common

common sense -

I made an effort last night to catch up on the important news of the last several days.  As I perused, pondered and poured over the disconcerting happenings around the world, this piece of paramount publishing appeared before my eyes…

18 Things You Should Never Put In Your Vagina


Were we all that uneducated and stupid that we actually needed a written list to know what should and SHOULD NOT go up there?

Chocolate syrup (uh uh)

Fruits and vegetables (not gonna happen)

Steam (ouch!)

Anal toys (not in this lifetime)

Sharp objects (c’mon, really?)

Cell phones (wow…)

Pop Rocks (sounds messy)

Aerosol cans (honestly?)

Small animals (try explaining that one to the ER doctor)

And the list went on…

What kind of fresh hell was this?  I sat back in my chair and mourned the collective extinction of common sense and intellect in this world, and came to the undeniable conclusion that we are all doomed.



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