WPC: Close up (heterochromia iridum)

heterochromia iridum - TheFarmersInTheDell.com

Sectoral Heterochromia Iridum

I am a mutant.  My left eye has sectoral heterochromia iridum – part of the iris is a different color from the remainder.  My right eye is blue.

My mutation is somewhat rare, being that my iris is dissected into two equal parts – hazel and blue.

It’s something I don’t think about until people look at me in surprise and lean in for a close up look.  Some ask if it’s a special contact.  Nope – it’s just natural.  And cool.  Definitely cool.


8 thoughts on “WPC: Close up (heterochromia iridum)

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  2. Definitely Cool! I’ve met someone with two differently eye colors. It was medically induced with dye. One yellow, the other blue. It’s a bit freaky in the beginning until I heard the story of process.


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