Red fox and her pups

Red Fox -

Spotted this beautiful little vixen sitting on my compost pile the other evening.  She saw me, sniffed the air, barked a few times and was immediately bored with me.

Red Fox -

She was even kind enough to show me her beautiful tail.

red fox pup -

Then, out from the dead brush and rocks, popped a curious pup.

red fox pup -

And then, another…

red fox pup -

And another! There were four pups in all.  Three were curious enough to come out and see me. The fourth one darted in and out of the rocks like a ninja and refused to cooperate.

red fox pup -

This little one was the bravest of the bunch and was only about 15 feet from me.

red fox pup -

Finally, the ninja popped out from behind the rocks with a rabbit leg in its mouth.  A ten minute tug-of-war ensued.

red fox pup -

They carried on and on… pouncing on each other, barking and stealing the rabbit leg from the ninja.

Red Fox and pups -

After about an hour, the vixen came back with something indiscernible in her mouth, barked at the pups and they all went home for supper.


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