Garden beginnings

greenhouse build from old windows -

I moved my seedlings out to my little greenhouse last week, in order to start hardening them off to get them ready for planting in the garden in a few weeks.  Normally, this time of year, the greenhouse keeps everything nice and toasty warm until early June, when everything goes into the garden.

heirloom seeds -

However, Mother Nature is clearly having a hard time making up her mind if it should be springtime or late fall in my area.  Temperatures finally began to climb into the 70s about two weeks ago.  The forecast was looking good for gardening season.  The temp spiked to 95 degrees last week and, two days ago, suddenly plummeted to a daytime high of 41 degrees..

pepper seedlings -

Now, we have frost in the forecast and temperatures aren’t expected to be over 60 degrees for days and days.  I’ve been keeping my grow light on throughout the night and even fired up a little heater so my tender seedlings can rest comfortably.

tomato seedlings -

WHY must Mother Nature be so fickle?  Oh yeah… Simply, because she can.


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