Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

amish clothes line, lancaster, pa -

I had the pleasure of spending a few days in Lancaster County, PA.  The outlet malls and tourist attractions don’t interest me.  Matter of fact, it makes me feel a little sad to see sprawling shopping malls right up against a beautiful Amish farm.  Instead, I love to wander around the countryside and get lost.

lancaster, pa -

I am always amazed at the staggering amount of field work that is accomplished with just a simple horse team.

amish barn, lancaster, pa -

And the barns… they are like pieces of art.  Every stone perfectly laid.

grazing cows, lancaster, pa -

I watched a herd of dairy cows slowly graze their way across a pasture.  No cars.  No noise.  Just the cows mooing gently.

lancaster, pa -

I sat for quiet some time and watched a farmer mow hay with a horse team.  In the field next to him, they were baling the hay with a round baler pulled by four draft horses.

amish barn, lancaster, pa -

I enjoyed talking to the farmer who just finished discing his field in preparation for corn planting.

amish, lancaster, pa -

Hay season is in full swing in Lancaster County.  Two mules quietly and steadily made their way back and forth across the field pulling a hay rake.

amish, lancaster, pa -

No fancy cars.  No electronics.  No silly distractions.  Neighbors helping neighbors.  Kids connected with their parents.  The satisfaction of a hard day’s work.  No waste.  Needs, not wants.  I think the Amish have the right idea – simplicity.  It’s a good thing.


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