The bluebirds are back

What a sight for sore eyes!  Over the past few days, the bluebirds have been arriving and taking up residence in the many bluebird houses we have on the farm.  Even yesterday’s snow storm didn’t deter them.  Spring may be just around the corner… let’s keep our fingers crossed!  

Sunbathing cows and a taste of spring

Mother Nature gave us a little reprieve yesterday.  The days was filled with blue skies, above-freezing temperatures and plentiful sunshine. The girls enjoyed it immensely, munching hay and soaking up the sun. Some of them were so content, you could almost get close enough to hop on their backs, before they opened their eyes to…

Enough smart a*s predictions, Phil!

Groundhogs are usually cute.  However, this winter, I have taken a particular dislike to the one they call the “seer of seers, the prognosticator of prognoticators” –  Mr. Punxsutawney Phil. As we sit here and await the arrival of the fourth winter storm in two weeks, I have decided that Phil needs to apologize.  He…

Sudden snowstorm

A sudden snowstorm with whiteout conditions came through this afternoon and quickly blanketed everything with a few inches of snow – even the cows.  They were not the least bit phased – most of them laid contently in the pasture, chewing their cud as the snow came down.