Psst… I haven’t worn real clothes in weeks

quarantine fashion - TheFarmersInTheDell,com

I was never one for fashion.  My wardrobe consists of “good” jeans and t-shirts and “chore” jeans and t-shirts.  Now, weeks into the quarantine, my everyday fashion routine has devolved into changing from my “nighttime” pajamas to my “daytime” pajamas and vice versa.

However, yesterday, I took the pajama routine down another fashion notch when I wore my “daytime” pajamas to the barn, thus creating a third level of classification – “chore” pajamas.

At least I’m still showering.

6 thoughts on “Psst… I haven’t worn real clothes in weeks

  1. Haha I am in the SAME position! My neighbors routinely see me trudge out in my gigantic sweatpants tucking into muck boots to feed the horses. On a positive note I am also showering daily. 😀


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