Ten things that make me happy

cow and calf - TheFarmersInTheDell.comSometimes, if you’re not careful, life will knock you down and run you right over.  It takes an effort to snap out of the everyday-worry-about-everything-there’s-got-to-be-more-to-life-than-paying-bills stressed out attitude that, over time, we all seem to adopt.  Life is not only meant to be lived, but enjoyed.  So, today I took a deep breath and walked away from everything for a few hours.  And that got me thinking of the simple things I used to enjoy before I took on the responsibilities of being a grown-up.  My favorite things are nothing extravagant or expensive – they just make me happy, and that’s such a great feeling.  So here are…

Ten things that make me happy

1.  Watching the cows graze across the pasture

2.  My mom’s homemade raviolis

3.  A nice, new pair of socks

4.  A snow day

5.  The movie “Funny Farm”

6.  Junior Whopper from Burger King

7.  A campfire on a fall evening

8.  My garden

9.  Christmas music

10. A new box of crayons

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