blossom -

WPC: state of mind (hopeful)

Mother Nature continues to hem-and-haw about what season it should be – even though the calendar clearly states that is it February. The past few days, again, have been a mix of sleet, freezing rain, and snow followed by an un-seasonal warm-up. Every creature and plant in this area has been in a state of…

frozen waterfall -

WPC: Seasons (the thaw)

Mother Nature is in the midst of a serious seasonal identity crisis in my part of the woods.  In the matter of five days, we have experienced a 50+ degree temperature swing, going from -15 degrees below zero, to a balmy 57 degrees and back down to 28 degrees.  The waterfalls on the farm don’t know…

heifer and calf -

WPC: Happy place (among the cows)

I am happy among the cows… In the fields surrounded by the old stone walls… Listening to the calves beller for their mothers… Looking over the mountaintops… Watching the cows silently graze their way across the pasture. Our farm is my happy place.  

haymow -

WPC: grid (haymow)

True craftsmanship has become a thing of the past.  The days of horse-drawn logging, hand-hewed beams and even handmade nails are mostly extinct.  Fortunately, the legacy of those skilled workers still lives on in many old barns around the country.  With nothing more than hammers, saws and measuring tapes made from leather, they constructed grids…

spider web with raindrops -

WPC: Connected (web)

One of my favorite things to do on a summer morning is to photograph the dew on spider webs (minus the spider, of course).  I’m always amazed at how such an ugly bug makes such a beautiful masterpiece – each strand of silk delicately connected to the other.

whitetail doe with fawns -

New beginnings

Whitetail deer are beautiful, graceful creatures.  Our farm provides a great home for them, with green pastures for grazing and dense woods for bedding down. Throughout all my years here, though, I have never found an antler shed – one of the buried treasures of the woods.  Every year, a whitetail buck will shed his…